Innovations in Incidence Geometry

IIG will soon become an MSP journal!

Volume 11 (Spring/Fall 2010)

Hans-Joachim Kroll, Andrzej Matras
Transitive groups of axial homologies of hyperbola structures and Minkowski planes (1 - 18)

Stefaan De Winter, Koen Thas
Bounds on partial ovoids and spreads in classical generalized quadrangles (19 - 33)

Matthias Grüninger
A new proof for the uniqueness of Lyons' simple group (35 - 67)

Peter J. Rowley
Disc structure of certain chamber graphs (69 - 97)

Giorgio Donati, Nicola Durante
Two projectively generated subsets of the Hermitian surface (99 - 114)

Esteban Diaz, Norman L. Johnson, Alessandro Montinaro
Elation switching in real parallelisms (115 - 137)

Marien Abreu, Martin Funk, Domenico Labbate, Vito Napolitano
Deletions, extensions, and reductions of elliptic semiplanes (139 - 155)

Nils Rosehr
Compact generalized polygons and Moore graphs as stable graphs (157 - 185)

Gabor Korchmáros, Antonio Maschietti
Collineation groups with one or two orbits on the set of points not on an oval and its nucleus (187 - 195)

Andrea Blunck, Stefano Pasotti, Silvia Pianta
Generalized Clifford parallelisms (197 - 212)

Hermann Hähl, Helmut Salzmann
16-dimensional compact projective planes with a large group fixing two points and only one line (213 - 235)

Andreas Klein, Klaus Metsch
Corrections to "New results on covers and partial spreads of polar spaces" (237 - 240)

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